[Rd] [SoC] R and Google Summer of Code 2010: Call for Proposals

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Wed Feb 24 04:34:39 CET 2010

Google Summer of Code 2010 ("GSoC 2010") is starting in a few weeks and now
is the time to collect ideas.  At this point this is all we need: a list of
possible projects which will help the sponsor (ie Google) assess how serious
and prepared the R Project is, and how many slots we should get allocated.
For the record, we had four in both 2008 and 2009.

More details (incl timelines) about Summer of Code are at

So let us all start now by proposing some ideas for 2010.  It may make sense
to centralize and standardize this on wiki.r-project.org but until we have
that process sorted out lets just post ideas here on r-devel with a [SoC] tag
in the Subject: line.

Now: we need more than just an idea for a topic. To make this meaningful and
concrete, please send 

 - a brief project summary in a just a few words ("headline summary")

 - a more detailed description, with references or links to related work 

 - a list of skill requirements (programming languages, experience,
   methodologies, ...) for the prospective student

 - a test an applicant will have to pass in order to qualify for the topic
   (as topics will often attract multiple applicants this helps to find the
   truly qualified and motivated student ready to take this on over the three
   months period)

 - a mentor for the topic (which may well be you!)

For reference, previous R projects are summarized at 
and both pages have links to the respective ideas list.  Ideas were posted
here before; see the mailing list archives.

Thanks,  Dirk

  Registration is open for the 2nd International conference R / Finance 2010
  See http://www.RinFinance.com for details, and see you in Chicago in April!

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