[Rd] FYI: A case that the code validation of R CMD check misses

Henrik Bengtsson hb at stat.berkeley.edu
Tue Feb 16 13:30:13 CET 2010


I discovered a case where the code validation of R CMD check fails to
detect this issue.   If a non-existing is defined/assigned in the same
function as a non-existing object is used, it passes unnoticed.  For

foo <- function(...) {
  nonExistingDummy1 <- nonExistingDummy1(...);
  nonExistingDummy2 <- nonExistingDummy2;
  res <- nonExistingDummy3(...);
  nonExistingDummy3 <- function(...) {};


* checking for unstated dependencies in R code ... OK
* checking S3 generic/method consistency ... OK
* checking replacement functions ... OK
* checking foreign function calls ... OK
* checking R code for possible problems ... OK

Tested on Windows Vista with:

R version 2.10.1 Patched (2010-01-12 r50990)
R version 2.11.0 Under development (unstable) (2010-02-14 r51138)

Just a note


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