[Rd] Compiling R projects with multiple external libraries

Seth Falcon seth at userprimary.net
Thu Feb 11 23:52:39 CET 2010

On 2/11/10 9:43 AM, rt wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just learned how to use compile and link libraries using
> "make" and how to create R projects using R CMD build or INSTALL.  My
> understanding of both is somewhat limited and hence the question.
> I have a main library written in c which depends on other external
> libraries. Main library is to be called from R using .Call. The goal
> is to create a single R project that will compile all the external
> libraries, the main library, R-C wrappers and install it. I am unsure
> about the proper structure of R project directories and the general
> workflow such that: (a) external libraries and the main libraries are
> built first using "make" that I already have (b) R-C Wrapper is
> compiled and installed using R CMD install.
> I understand that there are issues using Makefiles and that there
> are preferred ways of doing these things. I am not sure how to use
> Makevars instead of Makefile for this purpose. Any help and in
> particular pointers to examples of R packages with multiple external
> libraries would be appreciated.

"1.2.1 Using Makevars" in WRE (R-ext manual)  has some detail on this 
and suggests looking at fastICA for an example.

Quote from manual:

> If you want to create and then link to a library, say using code in a
> subdirectory, use something like
> .PHONY: all mylibs
> all: $(SHLIB) $(SHLIB): mylibs
> mylibs: (cd subdir; make)

+ seth

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