[Rd] Wrong documentation of 'isTRUE' (PR#14212)

gb at stat.umu.se gb at stat.umu.se
Wed Feb 10 22:35:11 CET 2010

Full_Name: Göran Broström
Version: 2.10.1
OS: Ubuntu 9.10
Submission from: (NULL) (

The documentation  for 'isTRUE' states that

 'isTRUE(x)' is an abbreviation of 'identical(TRUE, x)', and so is
  true if and only if 'x' is a length-one logical vector with no
  attributes (not even names).


> x <- FALSE
> isTRUE(x)

is not true. Add, somewhere after 'logical vector, 'equal to TRUE', or 'taking
the value TRUE'. Maybe 'true' should be changed to 'TRUE' as well.

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