[Rd] (PR#14210) incoming/14210 system.time provides inaccurate

P.Dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk P.Dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Wed Feb 10 16:40:24 CET 2010

Manuel L=C3=B3pez-Ib=C3=A1=C3=B1ez wrote:
> Patch against current trunk attached. It is a one-liner, so I do not
> believe anyone can claim copyright over it.

Fixed for r-devel (r51115).

> Cheers,
>     Manuel.
> BTW, bugs.r-project.org is painfully slow. I cannot login, I cannot pos=
> messages, I cannot attach files. And it doesn't handle accents in my na=

Well, it will die from other causes at the latest on March 1, anyway...
Hopefully Simon Urbanek can pick up the pieces and put a more modern bug
tracker in its place.

(Part of the reason is that Jitterbug is horribly old and unmaintained;
another part is that U.Cph. appears to be intent on committing IT
suicide in the name of rampant corporativism. It is by design that only
a select group of people can login, though. It is expecting followups by
mail, for some reason.)

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