[Rd] questions as to building R from source under Windows / small corrections for R-admin sec. 3.1.7

Peter Ruckdeschel peter.ruckdeschel at web.de
Mon Feb 1 21:32:35 CET 2010

> Yet another clarification:
> [snip]
>>> (4) Did not work for me: build R on D:
>>>              --- a Vista / Windows 7 issue?
>>> In the end I succeeded with my build on drive C: (NTFS formatted)
>>> giving the current user full access privileges to the installation
>>> folders; before, in order to circumvent these privilege issues,
>>> I tried building R on a different drive (D:) which in my case is
>>> formatted as FAT32; somehow I got stuck with this, though;
>>> (my Rtools are on C:). Is this a known issue /can you reproduce this?
>> I build R and packages on d:/ without any problems. I do not think that
>> the drive letter is the issues here. It may be some new MS security
>> policy on FAT drives - or whatever. I have not used FAT formatted drives
>> for serious work for at least a decade now.
> At the end of the day, after having set the "right" TMPDIR environment
> variable and copied the Tcl folder as indicated in R-admin.html,
> it was /not/ a FAT32 issue: I managed to build it now on D:\
> (although I agree with Uwe that this is probably not what you want to
> do if NTFS works...)

together with this --- in the end --- still a little correction for
R-admin, section 3.1.7:

If you really pursue stepwise as indicated after "This works by building
all the parts in the sequence",

it must be     make rpackages   (not rpackage)

and you will need to insert a

    make -C ../../po -f Makefile.win

before   make rinstaller

Best, Peter

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