[Rd] questions as to building R from source under Windows

Peter Ruckdeschel peter.ruckdeschel at web.de
Mon Feb 1 20:26:25 CET 2010

once again me --- just some more precise information...

>>> (1) TMPDIR on a different drive:
>>> --- not sure whether this was my fault or you could do anything
>>> about it: On my system, I have a separate drive for temp (i.e. E:),
>>> and had this set in a corresponding TMPDIR environment variable.
>>> During the build process of R, I had difficulties with this,
>>> which were only resolved when I created a tmp folder on the same
>>> drive (i.e. C:) and set environment variable TMPDIR to this new
>>> folder. Is this a known issue /can you reproduce this?
>>> If this is a more general issue, you might want to mention this
>>> in R-admin / or the documentation to Rtools.
>> If your setup is correct according to the manuals, it may be a
>> problem in one of the cygwin tools. A more detailed description
>> to analyse it would be appreciated.
> Yes, I guess, it was a cygwin problem; it claimed it could not access
> /tmp at one instance; so I concluded that environment variable TMPDIR 
> was not set and hence set it to E:\ in the console and re-ran "make all"
> but got the same error message; when I changed this environment variable
> to C:\<somedir>\tmp however it ran through well.

Argh: A closer look gave that the reason for this must have been that I
had not set it to E:\ but rather to E:\tmp which in return did not
exist, so no wonder for the error --- blame on me! With E:\ it now
worked fine.

It is noteworthy, though, to repeat Win-FAQ 2.24:

For a successful build under Windows 7 (probably just as under Vista),
you have to a) be logged in as a user contained in the local
Administrators group and b) explicitely give full control to this user
for the installation folder and all its subfolders; having these
privileges for group "Administrator" does not suffice....

Best, Peter

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