[Rd] FW: RE: Bug 13937 (setRepositories() doesn't allow graceful cancellation from GUI menu) (PR#13969)

richcalaway at revolution-computing.com richcalaway at revolution-computing.com
Wed Sep 23 22:00:15 CEST 2009

Hi, again-

But I see the behavior has been fixed in the current R-devel build, so sorry
for the noise, and thanks for keeping R such a great package!

--Rich Calaway

From: Rich Calaway [mailto:richcalaway at revolution-computing.com] 
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Subject: RE: Bug 13937 (setRepositories() doesn't allow graceful
cancellation from GUI menu)

Hi, all-

This one was moved to features&FAQ, which appears to be the "works as
documented" folder, with the following note:

intentional: you do need to set repositories or interrupt R.

If this is true, there's still a bug, and in fact two of them: the graphical
menu dialog should have no Cancel button, and the choice 0 in the text menu
should send you back to the menu  until you actually choose some
However, there are default repositories chosen for you, and cancelling
doesn't alter them, so I am not convinced that the note is true. And the
original point of my bug report remains-it just seems strange to be dropped
to a text menu when cancelling from a graphical menu. 

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