[Rd] Debugging R core

Yuri D'Elia yuri.delia at eurac.edu
Wed Sep 9 15:48:24 CEST 2009

Hi everyone. I'm working on R sources themselves (look into past
messages if interested), and need to debug/benchmark R itself.

To check R functionality, I'm running the test-suite with 'make
check-devel', but it seems to overwrite the "reference output" at each
invocation. I want to compare the output just for the first (initially
untampered) build. How can I do that?

The tests for 'base' seem to contain some obvious variable output like:

< [1] "/tmp/RtmpPyoUwB/ab4a764be5"    "/tmp/RtmpPyoUwB/a b c2876711c"
> [1] "/tmp/RtmpvIWV48/ab73b00ff2"    "/tmp/RtmpvIWV48/a b c72f0579e"
<   ..$ :<environment: 0x1a55800> 
>   ..$ :<environment: 0x2e19140> 

is this expected? (can we fix it?).

Is there any larger self-contained code I can use for benchmarking


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