[Rd] enabling core dumps

pleydell at supagro.inra.fr pleydell at supagro.inra.fr
Fri Sep 4 18:11:22 CEST 2009

> not really answering your question, but I find it more useful to
>  R -d gdb
> or
>  R -d gdb -f test.R
> where test.R reproduces the bug in some minimal code. A variant is
>  R -d valgrind -f test.R
> if the memory problem is not easy to spot.

Thanks for your reply Martin

Yes, I have used that route before, I have also been playing with the 
emacs "M-x
gdb" option as describe in the R FAQ. But having no first hand 
expertience with
core dumps I am curious why you prefer the -d flag route. Perhaps I'm 
wrong but
I thought examining a core dump enables you to backtrace from the 
moment things
went wrong, this seems to be a useful trick to have...

... if you manage to enable the core dump option that is.


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