[Rd] unable to compile mgcv

Chuck White chuckwhite8 at charter.net
Thu Oct 29 20:01:44 CET 2009

Thanks for your response. In the past I have build R for RHEL and it was very simple. I did not have to do anything specific for certain libraries.

I do see the .tgz file (actually it is a link to the original file which has version number too). Questions
[1] do I need to unzip the tgz file, make changes, and zip it back again? Or would the makefile be able to handle the unzipped directory?
[2] is there a way to just compile that library only?
[3] what do I do to resume the compilation of the rest of the libraries. Re-running make would likely try to build the original version of mgcv again.

Thanks -- I would appreciate any document/instructions you can point me to.

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> > Thanks for your response.  Can you please point me to the 
> > make file where I would make this change. Thanks.
> If you untar src/library/Recommended/mgcv.tgz (sp?)
> this file will be in mgcv/src.  I'm not sure of the
> best way to take care of it on AIX.  It may be possible
> to #undef TRUE in include/R.h.  The AIX system includes
> define it in many places, the most prominent of which
> is in types.h.
> If you cannot generally #undef TRUE in a global
> R include file then you will have to edit the C or h files
> in mgcv.

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