[Rd] Advice on how to arrange fix of buglet

Prof. John C Nash nashjc at uottawa.ca
Thu Oct 22 16:53:43 CEST 2009

Recently I reported a small bug in optim's SANN method failing to report 
that it had exceeded the maximum function evaluation limit in the 
convergence code. This is a small enough matter that I was reluctant to 
create a full-blown bug report. Indeed in the optimx package Ravi 
Varadhan and I have been developing on r-forge (under the OptimizeR 
project) it was a minimal work around to fix the matter in our wrapper 
that incorporates optim() and a number of other tools. While I don't 
normally do C code, I could likely figure out a fix for optim too.

My query is about how to best get this done without causing a lot of 
work for others i.e., where to I send patches etc. I expect there are a 
number of similar issues for different areas of R and its documentation, 
and a clarification from someone in the core team could streamline 
things. Maybe the bug system is still the right place?

Cheers, JN

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