[Rd] Changing options in R CMD SHLIB

Fabio Mathias Corrêa fabio.ufla at yahoo.com.br
Tue Oct 20 04:22:15 CEST 2009


When trying to use directive OpenMP in my code, I observed that the directive ones were being considered as commentaries. 
Compiling with command R CMD SHLIB xxx.f95 - fopenmp and calling the function in the R verified that threads was not being considered. 
I was to observe the options of the compiler

R CMD SHLIB --help

Usage: R CMD SHLIB [options] files | linker options

Build a shared library for dynamic loading from the specified source or
object files (which are automagically made from their sources) or
linker options.  If not given via '--output', the name for the shared
library is determined from the first source or object file.

  -h, --help        print short help message and exit
  -v, --version        print version info and exit
  -o, --output=LIB    use LIB as (full) name for the built library
  -c, --clean        remove files created during compilation
  --preclean        remove files created during a previous run
  -n, --dry-run        dry run, showing commands that would be used

Windows only:
  -d, --debug        build a debug DLL

How can I enable -fopenmp for use with R CMD SHLIB? 

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