[Rd] bugs.r-project.org, Submit Changes does nothing (PR#14009)

atp at piskorski.com atp at piskorski.com
Thu Oct 15 20:15:15 CEST 2009

Full_Name: Andrew Piskorski
Version: not applicable, web-based R bug tracker
OS: not applicable, web-based R bug tracker
Submission from: (NULL) (

Once I have submitted a bug via the bugs.r-project.org web interface,
I can find the bug and view it.  E.g.:


That shows me an empty "Notes:" box and a button to "Submit Changes".

I entered some text (a patch for the above id=14008 segfault) and
clicked Submit, but my entry seems to be silently discarded.  There is
no error message, but the new data I attempted to enter never shows up
on the bug report.

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