[Rd] R-10 alpha windows() bug?

apjaworski at mmm.com apjaworski at mmm.com
Thu Oct 8 20:40:01 CEST 2009

I have been compiling patched and development versions of R regularly.  I 
started compiling R-10.0 alpha a couple of days ago and I think I 
discovered a bug in the "windows()" command.

Here is what is happening:.

1.  Just compiled the latest tarball.  Before doing this I updated the 
R-tools to version 2.10 (includes jpeg-7).
2.  Compilation went fine and I successfully built and ran the Windows 
3.  I also successfully ran "make check-all".
4.  I start R GUI and do "plot(1:10)".  Here is what I get:

5. When I go to File>Save As>Png... and go through the dialog box 
(choosing a file name) I get the following GUI error:

6.  When, before saving, I resize the graphics window with my mouse even 
by a very small amount, the plot changes to its normal look (without 
missing axes of plot.png) and I can save it with no problem.
7.  When I do the same thing in just compiled 2.9.2 everything works fine 
and the plot (plot.png above) looks fine.
8.  I suppose, all this is related to the following result of the 
"windows()" command:

Again, resizing this window even slightly, fixes the problem.

I am on the Windows XP SP2 machine.  Here is the output of R.version:

> R.version
platform       i386-pc-mingw32 
arch           i386 
os             mingw32 
system         i386, mingw32 
status         alpha 
major          2 
minor          10.0 
year           2009 
month          10 
day            07 
svn rev        49971 
language       R 
version.string R version 2.10.0 alpha (2009-10-07 r49971)



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