[Rd] Because it's Friday. was creating environments in package's C code

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      I hope you will forgive a serious comment on this thread, but the 
new "sos" package makes "greping through the headers" shockingly easy.  
It returns the 'RSiteSearch( ___ , "function")' information in a 
data.frame of class "findFn" sorted to put the package with the most 
matches first.  Duncan Murdoch wrote a "???" alias for this "findFn" 
function.  Union and intersection operators are defined for 
"findFn"objects.  The "findFn2xls" function writes an Excel file with 
three sheets giving an extended package summary, the matches (including 
the URLs), and the call.  An article on this is scheduled to appear in 
the next issue of "R Journal" and is available now via vignette('sos'). 

      This "sos" package is not as good as greping Ripley's frontal 
lobe, but it makes it quite easy to do a literature search of all 
contributed R packages. 


Jeffrey Horner wrote:
> Simon Urbanek wrote on 10/01/2009 11:51 AM:
> [...]
>> I suspect you like reinventing the wheel ;). Your NewInteger is part 
>> of the R API and is called ScalarInteger(). When you need something, 
>> chances are that R has it already, so it's worth greping through the 
>> headers (and sometimes even through the main sources).
> I am reminded of what Robert Gentleman said at DSC 2005 during the R/S 
> round-chair discussion: "Brian Ripley is the only one I know who keeps 
> R in his frontal lobe."
> I can only aspire to such greatness, Simon.
> Jeff
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