[Rd] Value of SET_STRING_ELT() must be a 'CHARSXP' not a 'character' & 'getEncChar' must be called on a CHARSXP

Saptarshi Guha saptarshi.guha at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 00:26:56 CEST 2009

I could send a .Rdata file but it doesn't load throwing a similar error.
I can go through the code (below)

Now if instead of A0-A3 and B0-B3, i simply create a RAWSEXP and copy the the
raw bytes (in kvhold) return this list of two-element lists containing raw bytes
and then call
lapply(h, function(r) list(rhuz(r[[1]],r[[2]]))) #where h is what is
returned from the code below
where rhuz is a wrapper around the functions called in A0-A3, it works

So i'm quite confused here.
Thank you for your time
//using NewList and GrowList from R sources
SEXP rv;
PROTECT( rv = NewList());
// read an integer kvlength
// then read kvlength bytes into kvhold
// (from a file)

  // The KEY
  PROTECT(l = Rf_allocVector(VECSXP,2));
  REXP *rexp1 = new REXP(); //A0
  rexp1->ParseFromArray( kvhold, kvlength ); //A1
  PROTECT(k = message2rexp(*rexp1)); //A2
  delete(rexp1); //A3
  SET_VECTOR_ELT( l, 0, k);

// read an integer kvlength
// then read kvlength bytes into kvhold
// (from a file)

  // The VALUE
  REXP *rexp2 = new REXP(); //B0
  rexp2->ParseFromArray( kvhold, kvlength );//B1
  PROTECT(k = message2rexp(*rexp2));//B2
  delete(rexp2); //B3
  SET_VECTOR_ELT( l, 1, k);
  //Rf_PrintValue successfully prints both k for all k
  UNPROTECT(3); // the two k's and l
  rv = GrowList(rv, l);
  //We break when kvlength==-1

//now return a list containing the objects
//similar to code in R src/main
rv = CDR(rv);
SEXP rval;
PROTECT(rval = Rf_allocVector(VECSXP, Rf_length(rv)));
for (int n = 0 ; n < LENGTH(rval) ; n++, rv = CDR(rv)){
  SET_VECTOR_ELT(rval, n, CAR(rv));
UNPROTECT(2); //rval and rv

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 5:36 PM, Simon Urbanek
<simon.urbanek at r-project.org> wrote:
> Saptarshi,
> how did you create those lists? Can you send us the code? If not, can you
> put up the .RData file? Without a reproducible example this is hard to debug
> ...
> Thanks,
> Simon
> On Oct 1, 2009, at 14:26 , Saptarshi Guha wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have list of 600K lists, each sublist a list of two elements, the first
>> a character, the second a list of six named elements, some characters some
>> numrics.
>> LISTA (600K) (:= h)
>>  |__ List of two elements
>>       |__ Character
>>       |__ Named List of 6 elements (characters and numerics)
>> This works,
>> sip <- lapply(h,function(r) r[[2]][['sip']])
>> but  I wish to unlist this
>> sip <- unlist(lapply(h,function(r) r[[2]][['sip']]))
>> and get the following error:
>> Value of SET_STRING_ELT() must be a 'CHARSXP' not a 'list'
>> Debugging to find which:
>> i<-1
>> sip <- unlist(lapply(h,function(r) {
>>        i<<-i+1 #debug messages
>>        cat(i,"------------------>","\n"); print( r[[2]] ) #debug message
>>        r[[2]][['sip']]
>> }))
>> [1]Error in print.default(r[[2]]) : 'getEncChar' must be called on a
>> Which occurs on the 122,204'th item. All entries r[[2]] are similar so I
>> don't know why this happening?
>> The strangest thing is that this error never happened a few days ago and
>> the same  code causes this to occur today.
>> Any ideas would be helpful.
>> Regards
>> Saptarshi
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