[Rd] X11 Problems

Kay Wanous kwanous at cs.earlham.edu
Thu Oct 1 22:33:54 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I'm having trouble getting x11 to work with R.  (This is on Debian 
testing.)  I installed r-base and r-base-dev, and then 
r-cran-cairodevice.  I also tried installing the Cairo package within R, 
which appears to work fine.

This what I'm seeing:

 > capabilities()
     jpeg      png     tiff    tcltk      X11     aqua http/ftp  sockets
     TRUE     TRUE     TRUE     TRUE    FALSE    FALSE     TRUE     TRUE
   libxml     fifo   cledit    iconv      NLS  profmem    cairo
     TRUE     TRUE     TRUE     TRUE     TRUE     TRUE     TRUE

 > x11()
Error in X11(d$display, d$width, d$height, d$pointsize, d$gamma, 
d$colortype,  :
   unable to start device X11cairo
In addition: Warning message:
In x11() : unable to open connection to X11 display ''

Any help would be appreciated!


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