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Michael Dewey info at aghmed.fsnet.co.uk
Fri Nov 20 19:04:43 CET 2009

At 18:47 19/11/2009, Kevin R. Coombes wrote:

>I got the following comment from the reviewer of a paper (describing 
>an algorithm implemented in R) that I submitted to BMC Bioinformatics:
>"Finally, which useful for exploratory work and some prototyping, 
>neither R nor S-Plus are appropriate environments for deploying user 
>applications that would receive much use."
>I can certainly respond by pointing out that CRAN contains more than 
>2000 packages and Bioconductor contains more than 350. However, does 
>anyone have statistics on how often R (and possibly some R packages) 
>are downloaded, or on how many people actually use R?

Another point you could make is that BMC supports open access 
publishing so that anyone in the world with an Internet connection 
can download the results of research free gratis and for nothing, 
something especially valuable to residents of resource poor 
countries. Consistent with that would be support for the use of 
methods which anyone can reproduce without having to buy a licence.

>    Kevin
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Michael Dewey

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