[Rd] no internal function "int.unzip" in R 2.9 on Windows

audrey at ebi.ac.uk audrey at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Mar 25 17:06:18 CET 2009

Dear Duncan and Uwe,

Thank you for your prompt answers. I will have a look at the unzip
function and try to modify it to make it producing the output I want.


> On 3/25/2009 11:42 AM, audrey at ebi.ac.uk wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> Using R 2.9, I have the following error on Windows when I try using
>> .Internal(int.unzip(...)):
>>> .Internal(int.unzip("test.zip",NULL, "."))
>> Error in .Internal(int.unzip("test.zip", NULL, ".")) :
>>   no internal function "int.unzip"
>> The same error also happens with R 2.10 but not on R 2.8. And it does
>> not
>> happen with R 2.9 on Mac or Unix.
>> I have googled the error message but cannot find much.
>> Does anyone know if the way R calls unzip functions on Windows has
>> changed
>> and if this is permanent?
>> I am sorry if I miss something obvious, but any suggestions on how I can
>> fix the problem?
>> I want to keep using int.unzip and not the utils function unzip because
>> I
>> use its output afterwards in my script.
> Generally internal things that aren't documented as part of the API are
> subject to change without notice.  Rather than relying on the way
> certain functions happen to work in certain versions, if you find that
> one of the documented functions doesn't do what you want, you should
> point out the problem with it and submit a patch.
> You can see how the unzip function in the utils package works by looking
> at the source, or just printing it in the console.  It doesn't refer to
> int.unzip, but I wouldn't count on its current behaviour being
> "permanent":  it's undocumented internal implementation, which you use
> at your own risk.
> Duncan Murdoch

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