[Rd] surprising behaviour of names<-

G. Jay Kerns gkerns at ysu.edu
Thu Mar 12 21:24:19 CET 2009

Wacek Kusnierczyk wrote:


> as i explained a few months ago, i study r to find examples of bad
> design.  if anyone in the r core is interested in having the problems i
> report fixed, i'm happy to get involved in a discussion about the design
> and implementation.  if not, i'm happy with just pointing out the issues.


I am prompted to imagine someone pointing out to the volunteers of the
International Red Cross - on the field of a natural disaster, no less
- that their uniforms are not an acceptably consistent shade of
pink... or that the screws on their tourniquets do not have the
appropriate pitch as to minimize the friction for the turner...

As a practicing statistician I am simply thankful that the bleeding is
stopped.   :-)

Cheers to R-Core (and the hundreds of other volunteers).

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