[Rd] In Rd: \describe \itemize and \item

Nicholas L Crookston ncrookston at fs.fed.us
Fri Jan 30 21:37:19 CET 2009

Duncan Murdoch <murdoch at stats.uwo.ca> wrote on 01/30/2009 12:04:56 PM:

> Okay, I think I see now.  I installed your package version 1.0-8 in
> R-devel (to be 2.9.0), and the ?TallyLake man page looks fine to me in
> text mode, looks slightly funny in HTML (with the labels one line above
> the thing they're describing).  But to me it looks better in the new
> HTML than version 1.0-7 looked in 2.8.1:  in that version, there was no
> attempt to line up the descriptions to a common left margin, so they
> tended to be confused with the thing they were describing.

> So I'm not sure what you'd really like to see in the output.  Can you
> describe it again?

Reading from the R-exts.pdf, section 2.4:

"The \itemize and \enumerate commands take a single argument, within which 
there may be
one or more \item commands. The text following each \item is formatted as 
one or more paragraphs,
suitably indented and with the first paragraph marked with a bullet point 
or a number (\enumerate)."

I'm using \itemize so I expect to see a bullet point making the first 
paragraph of each item.

What I'm getting is what you would expect with the \describe command, as 
described here:

"The \describe command is similar to \itemize but allows initial labels to 
be specified.
The \items take two arguments, the label and the body of the item, in 
exactly the same way
as argument and value \items. \describe commands are mapped to <DL> lists 
in HTML and
\description lists in LATEX."

> Duncan Murdoch

Nick Crookston

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