[Rd] Recommendations for next maintenance release of RMySQL

Jeffrey Horner jeff.horner at vanderbilt.edu
Wed Jan 28 18:03:55 CET 2009


Due to the recent release of RMySQL 0.7-2 and incompatibilities with the 
MySQL client libraries, I'm planning the following change:

Load-time check of compiled vs. loaded MySQL client library version.

The client library version is an integer value with the format XYYZZ 
where X is the major version, YY  is the release level, and ZZ is the 
version number within the release level. RMySQL has been checking for 
equivalence in the major version and release level (supposedly, but I 
just found the source code for this and it may not have been working 
correctly), but I want to test for equivalence across the entire integer 
value and call warning() if equivalence fails. Those users who wish to 
suppress this message can then call suppressWarnings(library(RMySQL)).

I wouldn't mind doing this just for the windows version, as I haven't 
had any reports on the UNIX side, but that may be unfair and biased?



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