[Rd] \description in Rd files

Robin Hankin rksh1 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Jan 5 12:01:09 CET 2009


I make a point of going through my packages every so often and perusing
the check results on CRAN.

The aylmer package generates a warning (under R-2.9.0) for an Rd file 
which I think is OK.
The package is clean under R-2.8.1.

Specifically, the warning is:

    * checking Rd files ... OK
    * checking Rd files against version 2 parser ... *WARNING*
      *** error on file ./man/icons.Rd
      Error in parse_Rd("./man/icons.Rd", encoding = "unknown") :
      ./man/icons.Rd: 16:3: unexpected section header at
      15: :
      16: \description

      problem found in ‘icons.Rd’
      The Rdversion 2 parser is experimental, but almost all reports are

And the relevant file lines in icons.Rd are:

14 The six icons were used in this study were:
15 \description{
16 \item[PB] polar bears, which face extinction through loss of ice
17 floe hunting grounds
18 \item[NB] the Norfolk Broads, which flood due to intense rainfall
19 events
20 \item[LF] London flooding, as a result of sea level rise
21 \item[THC] the Thermo-haline circulation, which may slow or stop as
22 a result of anthropogenic modification of the hydrological cycle
23 \item[OA] oceanic acidification as a result of anthropogenic emissions
24 of carbon dioxide
25 \item[WAIS] the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, which is calving into the sea
26 as a result of climate change
27 }

[this using nl]

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