[Rd] unnecessary braces?

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Tue Aug 18 00:03:02 CEST 2009

  the version 2 parser thinks I have unnecessary braces,
but I can't find any.  False positive or am I missing
something?  If a false positive, is there any way to
work around the warning?

* checking Rd files against version 2 parser ... WARNING
Warning: ./man/dbetabinom.Rd:32-34: Unnecessary braces at ‘{p(x) = %

   The beta-binomial distribution is the result of
compounding a beta distribution of probabilities with
a binomial sampling process.  The density function is
\deqn{p(x) = %
\frac{C(N,x) \mbox{Beta}(N-x+\theta(1-p),x+\theta p)}%
{\mbox{Beta}(\theta(1-p),\theta p)}}%
{p(x) = %
The parameters \code{shape1} and \code{shape2} are
the more traditional parameterization in terms of
the parameters of the per-trial probability distribution.

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