[Rd] 'is.integer' (PR#13671)

Mauricio Zambrano hzambran.newsgroups at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 14:35:48 CEST 2009

Thanks for the clear answer Stephen and thanks to all the guys that
pointed out my misunderstanding about the distinction between object
of type integer" and "integer-valued object".

I'm sorry for submitting to the R-bugs list something that is very
clear for all the members of the list, but it was not clear for me
after reading the help, because I was testing if a particular result
had a decimal part or not, and it seemed natural to me to use the
'is.integer' function instead of a combination of other operations.

Probably, and only if the guys of r-devel deem it necessary, it could
be good to add a small example at the end of the 'is.integer' function
showing that is.integer(1) is FALSE (or the example mentioned by
Martin), which can avoid this misunderstanding to people with less
knowledge about storage modes in R.

Thank you very much, and in the future I will use R-help or maybe R-devel.

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