[Rd] R CMD check with Matlab and perl?

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Sun Nov 2 18:40:39 CET 2008

Hi, All: 

      How might one test Matlab and perl code during "R CMD check"? 

      I ask for two reasons:  First, the "fda" package exists in both R 
and Matlab, and it would help if we could run test examples in Matlab as 
part of "R CMD check".  I tried "R.matlab", but could not get it to work 
in that context. 

      Second, I have professional colleagues who write code in Matlab 
and perl, but have no unit or regression testing.  If I could test 
Matlab and perl from within "R CMD check" examples, I think I could get 
them to use it, because it would produce more "trustworthy software" 
[the "Prime Directive" of Chambers (2008) Software for Data Analysis 
(Springer)] AND give them documentation at the same time -- while 
simultaneously reducing the cost of producing and maintaining code to 
given specifications. 


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