[Rd] RFC: What should ?foo do?

Patrick Burns pburns at pburns.seanet.com
Sun Apr 27 12:44:36 CEST 2008

Peter Dalgaard wrote:
> Duncan Murdoch wrote:
>> I haven't done it, but I suspect we could introduce special behaviour 
>> for ??foo very easily.  We could even have a whole hierarchy:
>> ?foo, ??foo, ???foo, ????foo, ...
> Heh, that's rather nice, actually. In words, that could read
> ?foo: tell me about foo!
> ??foo: what can you tell me about foo?
> ???foo: what can you tell me about things like foo?
> ????foo: I don't know what I'm looking for but it might be something
> related foo?

I quite like this.  It seems very intuitive to me -- just match
the number of question marks to the level of my frustration.

> You do have to be careful about messing with ?, though. I think many
> people, including me, would pretty quickly go nuts if ?par suddenly
> didn't work the way we're used to.

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