[Rd] R-extension in unix system -- help to locate header files

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Fri Apr 18 07:13:24 CEST 2008

You should never give full paths in #include statements.

The search paths for include ('header') files are set by the compiler and 
supplemented by -I flags on the command line.  If your C compiler is 
unable to find <stdlib.h> something is badly wrong, and you need to ask 
your 'unix' advisor for help.  (BTW, these header files are OS-specific, 
and some of them will be compiler-specific -- on my Solaris Unix box cc 
and gcc use different versions of some of these headers.)

On Thu, 17 Apr 2008, Kyeongmi Cheon wrote:

> Hi list,
> To call C,  I used to use R-extension in windows but I'm moving to unix system
> because my PC doesn't have enough memory. My C codes requires to include the
> following header files:
> #include <stdlib.h>
> #include <R.h>
> #include <Rdefines.h>
> #include <Rmath.h>
> #include <R_ext/Applic.h>
> #include <R_ext/PrtUtil.h>
> In windows, I had no problem with it because I set the path for Rtools
> and R etc.
> But in unix system, these header files call other header files and
> they call other
> header files... And some files are not in R folders so I have to
> manually find them
> and give path and it takes for ever. For example,
> #include </usr/include/stdlib.h>
> #include </gpfs/data/local/linux/R-2.6.2/lib64/R/include/R.h>
> #include </gpfs/data/local/linux/R-2.6.2/lib64/R/include/Rmath.h>
> #include </gpfs/data/local/linux/R-2.6.2/lib64/R/include/Rdefines.h>
> #include </gpfs/data/local/linux/R-2.6.2/lib64/R/include/R_ext/Applic.h>
> #include </gpfs/data/local/linux/R-2.6.2/lib64/R/include/R_ext/PrtUtil.h>
> but now
> <R_ext/Memory.h> calls <stddef.h> and I have to search the whole
> directory of my
> school computer to find it. Same for other header files...
> Is there better way to do it? Or is there any package for unix that
> has "all" the
> needed header files so that I can download them only once and don't
> have to search
> for them? I appreciate your help in advance.
> Kyeongmi
> University of memphis
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