[Rd] coerce methods and inheritance

Herve Pages hpages at fhcrc.org
Wed Apr 9 20:58:46 CEST 2008


It doesn't seem that the dispatching algo is finding my coerce method under
some circumstances.
Let's say I have 2 classes, A and AA and that AA is just a direct extension
of A with no additional slots:

   setClass("A", representation(ii="integer"))
   setClass("AA", contains="A")

I can define a method for coercing my objects to an integer vector with:

   setAs("A", "integer", function(from) {cat("I'm the A->integer coerce method\n"); from at ii})

and this works as expected when my object is an AA instance:

   > aa <- new("AA", ii=sample(10, 5))
   > as(aa, "integer")
   I'm the A->integer coerce method
   [1] 10  1  6  4  7

But things don't behave that way anymore if I introduce a direct extension of AA:

         if (!all(diff(object at ii) >= 0))
             return("slot 'ii' is not ordered")

and a method for coercing an A object to an OrderedAA object:

   setAs("A", "OrderedAA",
         cat("I'm the A->OrderedAA coerce method\n")
         new("OrderedAA", ii=sort(from at ii))

My A->OrderedAA coerce method is not called anymore:

   > oaa <- as(aa, "OrderedAA")
   > oaa
   > validObject(oaa)
   Error in validObject(oaa) :
     invalid class "OrderedAA" object: slot 'ii' is not ordered

This looks like a bug to me.


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