[Rd] suggested minor patch for optim.R

Thomas Petzoldt Thomas.Petzoldt at TU-Dresden.de
Sat Apr 5 12:16:57 CEST 2008

Ben Bolker wrote:
>     optim ignores misspelled control parameters, so that trying
> to set (e.g.) "maxint=1000" in  the control argument silently
> does nothing.  The patch below (watch out for line breaks! also
> posted at http://www.zoo.ufl.edu/bolker/optim_patch.R , and
> http://www.zoo.ufl.edu/bolker/optim_new.R) adds
> three lines to optim.R that issue a warning if any names of
> elements of "control" fail to match the internal object that
> contains the defaults.
>    Here is code that shows the behavior:

[... details deleted]



another issue of optim is that I don't see any reason why the REPORT 
control parameter is evaluated by "BFGS" and "L-BFGS-B" only but not, 
for example, by "SANN", see:


Thomas P.

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