[Rd] Bug in str or issue with class management in my package?

Ulrike Grömping groemp at tfh-berlin.de
Fri Mar 23 13:13:56 CET 2007

Dear developeRs,

with R 2.4.1 (and also 2.4.0), the function str() fails on objects of class
relimplmbooteval, if there are unused slots, which is very often the case. I
am not sure whether this is a bug in str() or a correct behavior of str()
that unmasks some sloppiness in my usage of S4 classes (that I am not aware

Reproducible example (package relaimpo needed):

The program 


yields the error message

Errorr in FUN(c("lmg.lower", "lmg.upper", "lmg.rank.lower",
"lmg.rank.upper",  : 
        no slot named "pmvd.lower" for this object of class
(back-translated from German).

Regards, Ulrike
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