[Rd] R CMD check ignores .Rbuildignore?

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Mon Mar 19 11:33:37 CET 2007

>>>>> "RossB" == Ross Boylan <ross at biostat.ucsf.edu>
>>>>>     on Sun, 18 Mar 2007 12:39:14 -0700 writes:

    RossB> The contents of .Rbuildignore seems to affect
    RossB> R CMD build
    RossB> but not 
    RossB> R CMD check.

    RossB> I'm using R 2.4.0 on Debian.

    RossB> Is my understanding correct?  

yes.  That's why it's called 'buildignore'.
It's a big feature for me as package developer:

E.g., I can have extra tests (which e.g. only apply on my
specific platform) in addition to those which are use when the
package is built (to be checked on all possible platforms).

Some have proposed to additionally define a '.Rcheckignore' 
but they haven't been convincing enough.

    RossB> And is there anything I can do about it?

"First build, then check" is one way;
Something which is recommended anyway in some cases,
e.g., if you have an (Sweave - based) vignette.

    RossB> In my case, some of the excluded files contain references to other
    RossB> libraries, so linking fails under R CMD check.  I realize I could add
    RossB> the library to the build (with Makevars, I guess), but I do not want
    RossB> to introduce the dependency.

It depends on the circumstances on how I would solve this
[Why have these files as part of the package sources at all?]

Martin Maechler, ETH Zurich

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