[Rd] Unhidden predict methods

Henric Nilsson (Public) nilsson.henric at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 12:36:11 CET 2007


I've noted that not all `predict' methods are hidden in the namespace:

 > methods("predict")
  [1] predict.ar*                predict.Arima*
  [3] predict.arima0*            predict.glm
  [5] predict.HoltWinters*       predict.lm
  [7] predict.loess*             predict.mlm
  [9] predict.nls*               predict.poly
[11] predict.ppr*               predict.prcomp*
[13] predict.princomp*          predict.smooth.spline*
[15] predict.smooth.spline.fit* predict.StructTS*

    Non-visible functions are asterisked

I'm sure there's a good reason for this, but I haven't been able to 
figure it out. Please enlighten me.



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