[Rd] mingw-cross with R 2.4.x Re: wine and build difference between R.2.4.0 and R 2.4.1 windows binaries?

Hin-Tak Leung hin-tak.leung at cimr.cam.ac.uk
Tue Jan 16 14:55:51 CET 2007

Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Jan 2007, Hin-Tak Leung wrote:
>> Hin-Tak Leung wrote:
>> <wine failed to load mingw 3.11 compiled R 2.4.1>
>>> The issue is filed as http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7181
>> One of the main wine developers, Alexandre Julliard, closed the bug
>> with a patch. I'll patch my wine and see... pretty good going to resolve
>> a bug within a day...(if the patch works).
> I suspect R's median bug resolution time is about that.  (For non-spam 
> reported bugs it certainly is, as around 50% are not bugs in R.)

Possibly - but then, most bugs in most medium size software are
shallow (wine's code base is 11MB bz'ed, while R is 15GB gz'ed,
so they are probably comparable in size/complexity, other than wine is a 
bit harder having to imitate a "black-box operation") - the upper
quantile or something further up might be a more interesting
measure :-).

My patched wine rpm build has finished, and I can confirm that I can
now launch 2.4.1 and 2.5dev with it.


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