[Rd] Whine in dual core Windows PC if R uses full CPU capacity

Marc Schwartz marc_schwartz at comcast.net
Mon Jan 15 20:49:46 CET 2007


Well, it sounds like you are doing the correct things.  Nice to know
that Speedfan seems to work well.

The comments from others on the ASUS boards would certainly seem to
support Duncan's and Uwe's hypotheses.

If the supplier is willing to replace the power unit, it is certainly
worth trying. 

If however it does not work, is there an option from your hardware
vendor to replace the motherboard with something other than ASUS?
Presumably, this is annoying enough to be worth pursuing.



On Mon, 2007-01-15 at 20:35 +0100, Ulrike Grömping wrote:
> Marc,
> actually I am running speedfan and can even change fan speed with
> it,and this does not do anything to the noise. I've had the noise
> occurboth with CPU temps of 51C and 36C, depending on whether I insist
> onlow CPU fan speed or allow almost 3000rpm. I've completely stopped
> thechassis fan with no noise reduction, the only remaining fan is
> thepower unit fan, which is almost always at something around 900rpm.
> SoI'm almost sure it is something closer to what Duncan or Uwe
> suggest.
> The Power Unit's supplier actually offered to replace the unit (a
> 430WBeQuiet Dark Power Pro), so I will next try out whether this
> helps, Isuppose. I am however wondering, whether this has a chance of
> beinghelpful, because some gaming people on the internet claim that
> theirASUS main boards make all power units squeak, while the same
> powerunits are completely quiet in connection with other boards.
> Regards, Ulrike
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> > "Spule": Spool or coil perhaps?: 
> > 
> > http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spule_(Elektrotechnik) 
> > 
> > In addition to both Uwe's and Duncan's replies, it might be of value to 
> > gather some additional empiric data, such as CPU Temps and Fan Speeds 
> > and note if there is some threshold as to when this sound occurs. 
> > 
> > An application that I have seen referenced, but do not use since I am on 
> > Linux is: 
> > 
> > http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php 
> > 
> > but you may want to do further reviews before using. 
> > 
> > It is possible that even running at 100% CPU, as noted, there may be 
> > certain types of operations that will result in higher CPU temps, 
> > causing higher fan speeds. The sound may very well be coming from one or 
> > more of the fans or housings in your system, as a result of vibration or 
> > resonance. 
> > 
> > In most current generations of computers, there are multiple fans in the 
> > system. One or more on the power supply, one or more on the CPU itself 
> > and perhaps others within the case to enhance airflow and cooling. The 
> > same is the case in laptops. 
> > 
> > HTH, 
> > 
> > Marc Schwartz 


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