[Rd] Compiling R-devel under Windows

apjaworski at mmm.com apjaworski at mmm.com
Wed Jan 10 22:28:17 CET 2007

Hello there,

I have a habit of compiling R-patched and R-devel every few days.
Recently, I noticed the following problem:

I downloaded both versions with Revision: 40421, Last Changed Date:
2007-01-09.  R-patched compiles with no problem.  R-devel compiles fine but
when it starts to make PDF documentation it generates the following (tail
of the "make distribution" output):

! pdfTeX warning (dest): name{Rfn.survival} has been referenced but does
not ex
ist, replaced by a fixed one

Output written on refman.pdf (1447 pages, 6487470 bytes).
Transcript written on refman.log.
make[2]: *** [refman.pdf] Error 1
make[1]: *** [manuals] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/andyj/R-devel/src/gnuwin32'
make: *** [distribution] Error 2

It looks like the first version of refman.pdf gets generated fine and
something happens when it needs to run makeindex.  I tried to look at the
Makefile.win in doc/manuals but I cannot see anything obvious there.  In
any case, the makefiles are quite elabortae and interlinekd, so I probably
would not know how to fix them.

I am on Win2000.  I compile R using the Cygwin environment, but I have
MinGW installed and its executables are first on the search path.  I am
using MiKTeX and it is up-to-date.

Thanks in advance,


PS.  I seem to remember that this happened already a few versions ago.

Andy Jaworski
Process Laboratory
3M Corporate Research Laboratory
E-mail: apjaworski at mmm.com
Tel:  (651) 733-6092
Fax:  (651) 736-3122

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