[Rd] How to execute R scripts simultaneously from multiple threads

Erik van Zijst r at erik.prutser.cx
Wed Jan 3 09:47:54 CET 2007

Hi All,

My problem is about parallel execution of R-scripts. My platform is linux.

A program that is written in C needs to execute multiple R-scripts 
simultaneously. The C program makes use of multi-threading. Each thread 
must initiate the execution of one script. Performance is very important.

Appearantly the R C-API does not provide a mechanism for parallel 

It is preferred that the solution is not based on multi-processing (like 
C/S), because that would introduce IPC overhead.

Hopefully some thread-safe (single-proces) solution is readily 
available, written in C.

What is the best solution to do this?

(If there is no single-process solution, what is the alternative?)

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