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Mon Apr 30 04:36:08 CEST 2007


I apologize in advance for this question being a little off the main thrust
of this list.  I am not sure what the problem is and this seems like the
most logical place to ask.

Here is my problem.  I have been compiling daily snapshots of R (both
patched and devel) for some time now on my work machine.  This machine is a
3-year old IBM Intellistation with 1Gbyte of memory running Windows 2000
Pro.  My setup for compiling is fairly standard:  cygwin environment, R
tools, MinGW development system (recently switched to the Rtools package),
MiKTeX, current Tcl/Tk, ActivePerl, libpng and Jpeg libraries and the most
recent Inno Setup.  I have no problem with this system.

Recently I bought a new home machine:  Core2Duo processor, 3Gbyte of RAM
and WindowsXP Pro SP2.  I duplicated the above development environment on
this machine and everything seems to work fine (I can compile test C/C++
programs and I can install and run R).  However when I try to compile R
from sources (make distribution) I get the following:

3 [main] ? (43448) c:\local\Rtools\bin\make.exe: *** fatal error - couldn't
allocate heap, Win32 error 487, base 0x680000, top 0x6A0000, reserve_size
126976, allocsize 131072, page_const 4096
5 [main] make 33392 fork: child -1 - died waiting for longjmp before
initialization, retry 0, exit code 0x100, errno 11
make[3]: vfork: Resource temporarily unavailable

Now this error occurs at different times during the compilation process.
Usually it comes at the very beginning right after making Rpwd.exe (the the
error is attributed to sh.exe) but sometimes the compilation goes for a
while before the error pops up (like the example above).  It always
complains about allocating heap and the longjmp thing.

It looks to me like this is some kind of system/compiler problem but I do
not know enough about them to figure it out.  Perhaps it is something
simple that I overlooked.  Did anybody see anything similar?  I will
appreciate any hint.

Thanks in advance for your time,


PS.  I ran memtest86 on my RAM for about 8 hours and it did not detect a
single memory error so I think (hope) my physical memory is OK.  XP is
running quite smoothly with ordinary tasks and I am not experiencing any
problems, reboots or "blue screens of death".

Andy Jaworski
Process Laboratory
3M Corporate Research Laboratory
E-mail: apjaworski at mmm.com
Tel:  (651) 733-6092
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