[Rd] R-2.5.0 and unlink/wildcards

Ernest Turro ernest.turro at ic.ac.uk
Wed Apr 25 13:24:28 CEST 2007

It seems unlink doesn't work with wildcards in 2.5.0. I've tried  
R-2.5.0 under gnu/linux from source and the Mac binary from att  
research. Example:

 > dir()
[1] "bgx.Rnw" "bgx.pdf" "run.1"
 > unlink("run.*",recursive=T)
 > dir()
[1] "bgx.Rnw" "bgx.pdf" "run.1"
 > unlink("run.1",recursive=T)
 > dir()
[1] "bgx.Rnw" "bgx.pdf"



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