[Rd] dendrogram definition

Deepayan Sarkar deepayan.sarkar at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 23:14:33 CEST 2007

On 4/23/07, Friedrich Leisch <friedrich.leisch at stat.uni-muenchen.de> wrote:
> >>>>> On Fri, 20 Apr 2007 14:46:33 -0700,
> >>>>> Deepayan Sarkar (DS) wrote:
>   > Hi,
>   > I'm trying to create a "grob" representing a dendrogram object (for
>   > use as a legend with lattice), and I have a question regarding how a
>   > "dendrogram" should be interpreted. Are they by definition binary
>   > trees or can they in principle have more than two children?
> They can have more than 2 children, and class "dendrogram" supports
> this. However, as most trees are currently created using hclust, all
> examples have binary trees.

Thanks, that's what my guess was since the help page doesn't say
anything special about binary trees. My code should work in either

In case anyone's interested, there's an example of a lattice/grid heatmap at


(the primary benefit for me is better control over aspect ratio).


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