[Rd] some SPSS 15 files wont open in R 2.4.0

Sam Smith S.Smith at manchester.ac.uk
Thu Apr 5 18:48:06 CEST 2007

Trying to open some SPSS .sav files (saved with SPSS 15) gives the following:

 	Error in 
error reading system-file header
 	In addition: Warning message:
 	File-indicated character representation code (Unknown) is not ASCII

Some are fine in R, some are not.

The file opens in SPSS, and googling the error message gives
this mail about PSPP
which includes a diff for the PSPP code which opens R files
and throws that exact error message back.

R documentation says that it uses some code based on PSPP,
I can't see it in the R distribution?. Does anyone with more
clue than I know whether the above is likely to fix it, and
where I should be looking for the code to change?

Alternatively, has anyone got any ideas on opening these files?



s.smith at manchester.ac.uk ; www.ccsr.ac.uk

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