[Rd] unable to load lapack.so

Hiroyuki Kawakatsu hkawakat at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 17:15:31 CEST 2006


I'm having problems using ACML with R. I made two changes in
config.site by setting

./config and make go through but when I try to use the lm() function,
I get the error message

Error in chol2inv(Qr$qr[p1, p1, drop = FALSE]) :
        lapack routines cannot be loaded
In addition: Warning message:
unable to load shared library '/usr/local/R-patched/modules//lapack.so':
  Shared object "libRlapack.so" not found, required by "lapack.so"

What am I missing?

> version
platform       x86_64-unknown-freebsd6.1
arch           x86_64
os             freebsd6.1
system         x86_64, freebsd6.1
status         Patched
major          2
minor          3.1
year           2006
month          06
day            01
svn rev        38258
language       R
version.string Version 2.3.1 Patched (2006-06-01 r38258)

Hiroyuki Kawakatsu
Business School
Dublin City University
Dublin 9, Ireland
Tel +353 (0)1 700 7496

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