[Rd] setMethod("Summary")

Robin Hankin r.hankin at noc.soton.ac.uk
Mon Sep 4 15:47:29 CEST 2006

Hi everyone and thanks for being patient.   I've used "!.foo"() et  
seq pro tem.

Next problem: how to define "Summary" methods for brobs.

?max says

   'max' and 'min' are generic functions: methods can be defined for
      them individually or via the 'Summary' group generic. For this to
      work properly, the arguments '...' should be unnamed.

OK, so what is the correct procedure to make sum() operate on brob  

My best effort follows.

          representation = representation 
          prototype      = list(x=numeric(),positive=logical())

.Brob.max <- function(...){
   stop("not yet impemented")

setMethod("Summary", signature("brob"),
                    max    =  .Brob.max(...),
                    stop(paste(.Generic, "not implemented yet "))

but this gives an error from conformMethod().

[I've left the arguments to signature() unnamed because ? 

          A signature is
           a named or unnamed vector of character strings.  If named,
           the names must be formal argument names for the generic
           function.  If 'signature' is unnamed, the default is to use
           the first 'length(signature)' formal arguments of the

which seems to tell me (in conjunction with the advice from  
Extremes.Rd quote above)
to use unnamed arguments to signature()

What is the correct way to make sum(x) call .Brob.max() if x is a  
"brob" object?
Or is is it better to define a sum.brob() function and use that?

Robin Hankin
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