[Rd] R CMD check: checking examples: how to (not) pause execution

Lutz Prechelt prechelt at inf.fu-berlin.de
Thu May 18 16:00:31 CEST 2006

Hello all,
trying to prepare my first package for submission to CRAN 
I am stumbling over the "checking examples" step
of R CMD check.
I have some examples that produce more than one plot.
I currently separate those plot calls by
  readline("Press <Return> for a plot including a density plot")
or some such to have R wait before producing the next plot.

This works OK for end users, but fails miserably 
during R CMD check, which appears to just eat the
next line of the example source file for the input of readline
(which took me quite a while to understand it).

What is the right way to solve this problem?

I can hardly believe that there is none (although the
examples of 'plot' suggest exactly this: They run 
through multiple plots in a hurry.)

I guess the appropriate approach would be if
example() had some kind of single-stepping option?

Any hints?

  Lutz Prechelt

Documentation remark:
For users struggling with R CMD check it might be
very helpful if R-exts.pdf contained some pointers
to the functions or mechanisms used by R CMD check, 
or the names of source files where to find such information
so they can better understand what is going on.

Prof. Dr. Lutz Prechelt; prechelt at inf.fu-berlin.de
Institut fuer Informatik; Freie Universitaet Berlin
Takustr. 9; 14195 Berlin; Germany
+49 30 838 75115; http://www.inf.fu-berlin.de/inst/ag-se/

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