[Rd] Suggestion for system.time()

François Pinard pinard at iro.umontreal.ca
Sun May 14 22:29:44 CEST 2006

[Seth Falcon]
>[François Pinard]

>> Hi, people.  A tiny suggestion for the system.time function.
>> Could the returned vector have names?  These could be like:
>>    c("User", "System", "Elapsed", "Sub.User", "Sub.System")
>> That would then produce self-documenting output.

>Here's a function you could try.  It names the result as you
>suggested.  It also can be nested, which system.time cannot, because
>it uses on.exit without specifying add=TRUE.

Thanks, Seth.  Your code could be useful, I'm saving it. :-)

Just to be clear, my suggestion was more thought as a small benefit for 
the community of R users, rather than for myself alone.

François Pinard   http://pinard.progiciels-bpi.ca

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