[Rd] windows( ... ,rescale="fixed") bug (PR#8857)

Gerhard.Thallinger at tugraz.at Gerhard.Thallinger at tugraz.at
Sat May 13 18:54:11 CEST 2006

Full_Name: Gerhard Thallinger
Version: 2.3.0; 2.2.0
OS: Windows XP
Submission from: (NULL) (

Invoking windows() with the parameter rescale="fixed" followed by plot.new()
or any other plot command causes very often the following error:

  windows(width=7, height=7, rescale="fixed");plot.new()
  Error in plot.new() : outer margins too large (fig.region too small)

The values in the width and height parameters seem not to have an influence.
Investigating the problem more deeply shows that certain values
in the device structure are set to 0 or have some invalid value 
(bty, cex, ljoin, ... ) after the call to windows() when plot.new() fails.

This indicates that the device structure is either not initialized properly 
or gets clobbered somehow.

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