[Rd] Including a single function from a package

Ken Kelley KKIII at Indiana.Edu
Fri May 5 14:42:45 CEST 2006

Hello all.

I'm building a package where I want to include a function from two 
different packages. In particular, I want to include mvrnorm and 
hyperg_2F1 from MASS and gsl, respectively (but the specific functions 
do not matter). With what I've tried after reading the "Specifying 
imports and exports" section from the "Writing R Extensions" manual, I 
get an error: "Namespace dependencies not required."

My NAMESPACE file consists of the following:
importFrom(MASS, mvrnorm)
importFrom(gsl, hyperg_2F1)

A completely separate issue is that when running check, I get a warning 
at the "checking S3 generic/method consistency" line that states: 
"Warning: use of NULL environment is depreciated." I've looked at the 
"Generic functions and methods" in the Writing R Extensions manual and 
I'm still not sure what the "use of NULL environment is depreciated." I 
suppose this is not a big deal, but it seems best not to have any warnings.

I'm sure I'm just missing something simple on both of these issues. Any 
insight would be appreciated. I'm building the package with Win. XP.


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