[Rd] Wishlist - Give R a name that shows up in search engines ...

Hin-Tak Leung hin-tak.leung at cimr.cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 8 15:55:51 CET 2006

roger bos wrote:
> Indeed, when I was writing code in Java or VBA and I needed code, say to 
> buble sort or invert a CDF, I could find many examples on the web since 
> the user base was so large.  R has something better: CRAN.  It was 
> really smart to make a central repository where useRs can share code.  
> No other language that I can think of really has an equivalent.  All I 
> have to do it search CRAN and I can find 99% of what out there (I'm 
> making a guess on the actual number here).

Hang on there - "No other language that I can think of really has
an equivalent." - have you heard of CPAN, and CTAN? CRAN
was modelled *after* CPAN, which in turn was modelled after CTAN...
Either of them is far bigger in size, far older in history, and far
more well-established.

In fact, I am sorry to say, the search engine of either CPAN or CTAN
are better than CRAN's. (this last sentence is subjective, of course).

Obviously not a Perl nor TeX user then.

(probably not a good idea to express this on r-devel, nevermind)


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