[Rd] Building R package: make pdf & _masked_by_GlobalEnv

Dan Rabosky dlr32 at cornell.edu
Tue Jun 13 03:47:36 CEST 2006


I am assembling an R package (under Windows XP, R v.2.3) and have a very 
basic question.  Running R CMD build does not generate a pdf.  R CMD check 
generates a .dvi, but I cannot figure out how to automatically create the 
pdf.  I thought from reading the "writing r extensions' manual that R CMD 
build was supposed to generate the pdf.  I am having no success using 
various permutations of the Rd2dvi and texi2dvi, and I'm a bit 
frustrated.  I have miktex 2.4, which should (I thought) have the necessary 
pdftex tools to do this.  Maybe it does; I definitely have various 
directories named 'dvipdfm', 'pdftex', etc on my computer, but I have no 
idea whether there might be a problem.

When I install the package, I receive the message that most of my functions 
are "masked _by_ .GlobalEnv".  I have no idea what this means; I'm sure 
that this is amply documented, but I confess that I have a rather difficult 
time with much of the documentation on writing packages.

Apologies for the elementary level of these questions, and thanks in 
advance for your help!

~Dan Rabosky

Dan Rabosky
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